Conscience based Business Governance

Conscience based Business Governance

By: Mr. Deepak Gupta - 13th June, 2019

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In the modern world, business entities are the driving force of any economy and these entities have to continuously balance the interests of its various stakeholders including customers, investors, employees, suppliers, community and regulators.

Broadly, any business can be either be:

  • Governed by conscience
  • Governed by a mixture of greed and vanity

A business that is governed by conscience is considerate to the interests of all stake holders and strives for multidimensional win-win equilibrium.

There is a conscious effort to promote congruence of interests amongst its stakeholders and this gives impetus to innovation, if conventional ways cannot sustain the interest of all stakeholders.

The practitioners of conscience-based business governance create a sense of purpose and harmony amongst all participants and build long term sustainable business relationships.

We at MVA firmly subscribe to the view that "A Business that is governed by conscience, though small, is much better than any large business that is governed (misgoverned) by greed and vanity."

We are committed to foster this concept of 'Conscience based Business Governance' amongst all our clients and in our own way contribute to a better and conducive business environment.

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