Muskan Tated

Muskan Tated

Qualification: Diploma in Accountancy and Business, Graduated in B.Com

About Muskan Tated

I'm currently pursuing ACCA alongside with my bachelor's degree(B.Com.). I'm also a holder of diploma in Accountancy and Business.

I am a keen observer and always up for new opportunities and challenges. I love dancing in my spare time and love to travel.


29th March, 2023

Accounting Audit Trail

An audit trail is a detailed, chronological record of all the transactions in a company, including financial transactions, operational activities, and administrative task...

28th March, 2023

Reporting Requirements u/r 21AAA of the Income Tax Rules by Resident Indians who have retirement benefit accounts overseas.

There are many Indians (“specified persons”) who are currently resident in India

7th February, 2023

Income Tax Deduction Allowed Only On 'Actual Payment' Of Sum Payable by Assesses to MSMEs – Budget 2023 proposal

With the objective of promoting timely payments to Micro and Small Enterprises, Hon