Mr. Mahant Salkar

Mr. Mahant Salkar

Qualification: Master of Commerce

About Mr. Mahant Salkar

I am Qualified as Master of Commerce.

I intend to use my theoretical knowledge gained from my education productively and gain valuable practical experience. I am always eager to learn new things.

I'm interested in trading and sports.


2nd June, 2023

A note on Bonus Shares

Bonus shares, also known as scrip dividends or capitalization issues, are an essential aspect of the Indian stock market. They serve as an attractive incentive for shareh...

29th March, 2023

Accounting Audit Trail

An audit trail is a detailed, chronological record of all the transactions in a company, including financial transactions, operational activities, and administrative task...

28th March, 2023

Reporting Requirements u/r 21AAA of the Income Tax Rules by Resident Indians who have retirement benefit accounts overseas.

There are many Indians (“specified persons”) who are currently resident in India